Wounds for Healing

pexels-photo-433635.jpeg He Poured In The Oil & The Wine…  the kind that restoreth my soul;  He found me bleeding and dying on the Jericho Road,  and He poured in the oil and the wine!

In the natural, people often submit to the knife of a surgeon, willing to be cut opened and wounded in the hope that the body will be healed. Here are two examples from my life:  As young parents, we chose to put our two-month old son in the surgeon’s hands to repair an umbilical hernia.  I chose to submit to the knife to remove cancerous tissue from my breast.  Both our bodies have been healed through the surgeon’s skills and Jesus’ healing power flowing through us, but we still bear the scars.

What if you were badly burned?  You would need to submit to many sessions of debridement, having the top layer of skin removed so it can heal from the bottom layer to the top; from the inside out.  These  sessions are excruciatingly painful and often the final result of the healing leaves a very noticeable scar.  Those who don’t know what happened to the person may ridicule or despise the scar, but those who know the courage it took to endure the healing treatments rejoice with them.  The same happened with me after surgery and radiation; I have tattoos still visible on my chest from where they set up the radiation contraption.  My son, as a father himself,  still has no “belly button” from his infant surgery, but it just makes him unique!pexels-photo-433267.jpeg

These are natural examples that can explain what happens to us spiritually.  Often, God needs to do “surgery” that’s very painful, cutting away at our ungodly parts to make room to grow Godly character.  If I don’t let Him cut into my heart, the hurts and offenses that keep me from loving others just fester and never heal. This means He has to get to the bottom of the infection to give a clean spot for healing to flourish.  If I don’t let God cut into my flesh life, it keeps me from drawing nearer to Him.  The Bible speaks about plowing up the fallow ground.  Think about the furrows in the soil from the plow.  It prepares the earth for planting seeds and growing fruit, as God wants to do in our souls. As we celebrate the Crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus, we remember that a “seed must die in order to bring forth life” and our flesh must die to be able to take up the cross of Christ and follow the Spirit.

Are you willing to trust the Master Surgeon with your life?  The One who made us knows how best to make us into the Godly instruments He needs to fulfill His purposes for you and me and our time on this earth. Father God gave His only Son’s life to save us from our sins and make us alive in His Resurrection. (John 3:16-17)  Can you trust him?

For my part I choose the words of this hymn Take My Life And Let It Be and agree with what my Loving Father needs to do in and through my life.  Amen!

all for thee

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