Learning to Live By Faith

Challenges strengthen our faith, Praise God!                                                      Here’s a few incidences of God’s work in my life lately.

close up photo of vehicle steering wheel and door
Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

Car In Culvert:

I had rushed my plant cuttings to the Treadwell’s barn to add to the garden clubplant sale that was being set up Friday for the Saturday sale. Pulling on the grass next to another car,  I had a little chat with Sara Treadwell while I unloaded my pots.  I’d had a quick thought that I should  have backed in when I parked, but I’d ignored it.  I got back into my car to rush back to the house because we were taking my son to the city to have back treatment and John was anxious to leave.  As I started backing out, I couldn’t quite see where I was in relation to the culvert.  Well, I managed to get my VW Jetta hung up with the right front wheel spinning over the abyss.  I got out and saw how close I came to falling in; I’m sure an angel had intervened!  A neighbor stopped with his truck and was eager to help, but had nothing to hook up to my car with.  I called John and calmly told him I needed help.  Well, here’s God’s further grace in this situation: John came with son Chris, who was saying: “Good thing I decided to come early!” and John saying: “I’m glad (son) Alex gave me this tow strap that’s been in the back seat of my truck!”  The neighbor helped guide John’s truck into place, Chris got the tow strap attached, then got in to drive while John pulled.  The man and Sara helped stabilize the car as it came back onto solid ground, while I looked on, my heart singing!  No damage to the car and we got Chris to his appointment in good time.  Sara was able to put a caution sign by the culvert before the sale and I’ve vowed never again to think about damaging grass; I WILL back up, pull out from now on- ALWAYS!  Oh, the plant sale went well next day, even in the rain.

Blown Tire:

brown spoke car wheel in brown sand during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A couple weeks later, I was driving back from Lowville, heard a noise toward the back of the car, then the low tire light came on.  I drove just a bit more and realized I must have a flat tire.  I didn’t want to pull to the side of the main road, so I drove slowly onto the next turnoff.

Again, I knew who was in charge and was fairly calm.  John and I had taken off the snow tires and put on the regular ones less than a month before, so I knew I couldn’t change a tire by myself.  I pulled into the first house, no one home; limped to the second house and found an older man answered the door.  I told him I had a flat tire and couldn’t change it myself, but could help.  He yelled to his wife what was going on, then came out through the garage as I was digging out the tire changing stuff and the tire.  Man had a Vietnam Veteran hat on, so I had a topic of conversation.  He brought out his big jack, but we had to use the car’s jack to get it under the frame due to the flat tire.

Praise God, VW gave this Jetta a full size spare!  we efficiently worked together to get the tire changed, I packed up and thanked him for being there in my time of need.  Praise God, it was still light out, the man was home and willing/able to help and had the tools needed.  I drove a bit slower the rest of the way home, talking to husband John on the car phone.  He was concerned the rim was ruined, an extra expense along with having to buy 2 new tires to balance the car.

Well, John came from Lowville the next morning, found the rim was not damaged because of the side of the tire blowing out and cushioning it!  Hallelujah!  We went to Sam’s Club.  John decided to buy all 4 new tires due to a discount when buying 4.  They were able to get right to changing my tires while we drove the truck over to Lowe’s to get things John needed in Lowville.  He’d not wanted to get new tires for the car until the next spring, but the Lord had other plans!  Thank You, Father God, for providing the finances to re-tire the car!

agriculture beach blur car
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com

Road Trip?

I had planned a 4 day trip to Virginia to visit family while my husband’s on his Alaska fishing trip.  He’d actually suggested it; my daughter-in-law and two granddaughters were going to go with me so I wouldn’t be driving alone.  After the two previous adventures with my car, I was bolstered in my faith and trusting.  I knew angels had ministered and guided my car, I knew Father God has it all under control, I knew Jesus inside me is mighty and Holy Spirit guides me.  It surprised me when John told me he didn’t want me traveling while he was gone.  He talked about getting AAA coverage for me with the troubles I’d had.  He made known he wasn’t apposed to me visiting my family, but not while he’s away.  He made a comment that he can’t go on “blind faith”.

Well, I kept calm and let go my plans after texting my daughter-in-law and sister.  It’s just as well I don’t leave the “homestead” end of June, the garden has needed a lot of watering and I have other things to do here while John’s gone.  Life is going much easier as I’m learning to trust and obey the Lord. Through this growing relationship, I’m learning more about my husband as my authority – beneath Jesus -covering me.  Learning to let go and to not take things personally has really lifted a burden from my shoulders and eased my mind.  I want to walk by faith more each day, a closer relationship with the maker of the Universe as I muse along this journey.

What about you, my readers?  How are you growing in your Heavenly and earthly relationships?  What challenges are YOU overcoming in Jesus’ name?


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