Current Musings for August

IMG_20180816_190945521Hello to you, my blessed readers!  There is much on my mind during this busy season of garden harvest and food preservation.  Hours of working on tomatoes and cucumbers and onions etc. gives me time to muse and to watch YouTube videos while I work.  The following items will most likely become my future blog posts so here’s a preview:

  1. John 3:16, Proverbs 3:16 – both much quoted Scriptures.  I wonder what’s in the rest of the 3:16’s in the Bible? 

  2. Open Portals – the veil between Heaven and earth is quite thin these days.  What does this mean to me personally; to humans in general?

  3. Essential Oils – quite popular these days; what does the Bible say about oils?  I think I’ll start that one with Esther’s preparation to be presented to the King.

  4. The Time Is NOW – I’ve just read Phillip Cameron’s book about the unclaimed promises of God for household salvation.  I’m seeking the Lord for what my part is in my family’s salvation.

  5. Three Pastors from trouble making youths – At my husband’s 45th reunion, we found out three of the men from the class who were notorious carousers have become pastors. How does this affect this group of people?

  6. Miracle Maintenance by Joan Hunter – How To Receive And Keep God’s Blessings.  I’m interested in seeing miracles and blessings multiplied in my life and wonder how this book is going to help me reach this goal.

  7. I’m Not Lisa-My Name Is Julie…My Eyes Are Not Blue... Wondering why this song is coming to my thoughts so much lately.  Oh, I did ask God to help me learn to take thoughts captive!

  8. It’s about the hierarchy!  Tear it down and put it back in the right place.  This came to me as I awoke early one morning…still inquiring of the Lord what it means?

  9. I am a child of God who sings – not a singer who happens to be a Christian.  What does this really mean in my life?

  10. Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse – what does this mean in our lives?

  11. DSW, Bed, Bath & Beyond, gas card (many ads lately) as well as shows on TV – gold dust falling or a bright glow appearing…portend of God’s REAL glory falling?

    blur bokeh bright color
    Photo by NaMaKuKi on
  12. What do my readers want to know about me?  About my family? About???

I leave you all with this thought:

What it says about God

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