Musings for Early December

The Wind Blows

Welcome dear readers to another installment in my scattered & collected musings for this week.  I plan to expound upon some of these topics later.

First, I’m glad to have read two books from our local library by the Bush family this summer/fall.  Good background for these remembrances of George H.W. Bush as he’s “graduated to Heaven”.

Once Saved Always Saved?  Many verses in the Bible -old and new testaments-do not support this belief.

Is Salvation ONLY A Ticket To Heaven?  Are we just offering “fire insurance”?

Was Jesus Christ Born in December?  Jewish history reveals from the things mentioned around Christ’s birth that he was born in the spring around Passover, rather than Hanukkah.

Why do we Celebrate Christmas in December?  Something to do with some of the first converts after the original Apostle’s time.

Angel Flight 44?  A mission that began with a few Christians willing to obey God’s promptings that led to caring for a lot of people immediately after Hurricane Katrina that involved an old Super DC-3 airplane and two radically obedient men.

What could Happen if we Practice Radical Obedience?  Could we do as great exploits as those involved in Angel Flight 44?

What Does Ayurvedics have to do with US?  Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra’s revolution in integrated medicine in our country and around the world.  As Christians, should we be involved at all with this New Age option for health?

How Can We be Healthy Long-Term?  Can integrated medicine fit into Biblical principles?

Am I a Good tree or Bad tree?  What does the Bible really say?

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

 My Psalm 91 study Lesson 12:

Psalm 91:14a: “he has loved me, therefore I will…”

Peggy Joyce Ruth notes that Psalm 91 changes with verse 14.  God has been talking about His promises in 3rd person, but changes to speaking to us personally from His secret place, announcing promises in the first person.  Verses 14 & 15 & 16 are a challenge to set our love on God;  these promises are made only to those who have genuinely set their love on God.  Jesus says:

John 14:15 “If you love Me, keep My commandments.

There are so many benefits to cultivating a growing relationship with the Lord God of the Universe!  My dear friend, what are you doing to strengthen your relationship with Him?image000000_8


Child, you are Mine

3 thoughts on “Musings for Early December

  1. Once Saved Always Saved?…..Yes it is True Grannie Heidi but only if we are really Saved in the first place which we will show that we are as confirmed below and because we are saved we won’t have to force ourselves or be forced to do these things we will do them freely because we Love God and others, it will be our natural Heart response..

    Matthew 25:31 -40 When the Son of man shall come in His Glory and all the Holy Angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the Throne of His Glory. And before Him shall be gathered all Nations and He shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. And He shall set the sheep on His right hand but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand; Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was an hungred and ye gave me meat, I was thirsty and ye gave me drink, I was a stranger and ye took me in. Naked, and ye clothed me, I was sick and ye visited me, I was in Prison and ye came unto me. Then shall the Righteous answer Him saying; Lord when saw we thee an hungred and fed thee? or thirsty and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger and took thee in? or naked and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick or in prison and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.

    Salvation is a free gift given to us by God’s Foreknowledge from Eternity of our Heart Repentance showing we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour,, Our Abba Father than chooses us to be conformed into the image of Jesus and He tells us not one of us will be lost Eternally or He would not have chosen us in the first place because if we reject Jesus who is the only way to God our Heavenly Father, how can we be brought back to Repentance when we reject the One who saves us, that’s why it is the unforgivable Sin, we are Blaspheming the Holy Ghost by calling Him a liar, He confirms with us the reality of Jesus.

    But Grannie Heidi if you would like to share why you don’t believe this to be True and the Scriptures that you feel confirm it’s not, than please feel free to do so in my Garden Sanctuary. Link –

    Is Salvation ONLY A Ticket To Heaven?

    If our house was burning down would we appreciate someone just saying you will get over it or would we prefer them offering Help and calling the Fire Brigade ? Without Salvation which we will show we have in our Lives as we see confirmed in {Matthew 25:31-40) and also with God’s Plan of Salvation on the link below, we will be Eternally Separated from Him and we will suffer without His Help in the Lake of Fire and the Torture will be never ending.


    But cheer up friend and have some fun now, forget about what’s ahead, you don’t really need Fire Insurance even if it’s given freely, believe me I want you to go to Hell for ever with all the others who rejected God’s Salvation in Christ Jesus, best wishes your Buddy – Satan

    Was Jesus Christ Born in December? and Why do we Celebrate Christmas in December?……

    We Celebrate Christmas in December because it is when Jesus was Born as confirmed in the Scriptures.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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