Rewarder of those who Seek…

He who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

This morning (January 8) in my Fasting Journal (Jentezen Franklin’s The Fasting Edge Journal), the seventh day fasting reminders are:
  • Make sure you’re drinking enough water.

  • Take time to rest and relax as you wait upon the Lord today.

  • Continue to meditate and listen for that still, small voice.

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I’m really pushing myself to drink more water; Sunday I was off-kilter and found it was because I stopped drinking water too early Saturday after supper and started drinking too late after awaking Sunday.  It took about two hours after my first bottle of water to find my balance.
Today I took time to relax as I waited; praying in the Spirit and with my understanding, singing the songs that the Spirit was bringing, magnifying the Lord. I brought before Him people that came to mind, declared health and the Blood of Jesus over my entire body (I’m experiencing a bit of sore throat and hip irritation) and several other things that came to mind. I set an alarm to go off in an hour and by then I was ready for:

Thoughts for your Journal:

  • Have you ever had a sense of God speaking to you, and if so, how did you know it was God’s voice?

  • What are the different ways you expect God to speak to you during this fast?

Yes, I have heard God speaking to me; if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you’ve heard him too because you can’t come to Him unless He draws you!
I knew it was God’s voice because it was thoughts I knew didn’t originate in my train of thought, Scriptures lined up, confirmation came from listening to others in authority over me; I had a peace within that confirmed it.
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Be still and know that I am God;  Psalm 46:10a

In the prayer focus, Jentezen says: “As you find time to be still in His presence today, realize that He is God and He has everything in your life under control.  He does have a purpose for you , and He wants you to be fully prepared for it.  he knows what you need and how to provide it for you.  Trust in Him as you wait upon Him today.”

I know there’s so much more that God has planned for me and I don’t want to miss it, so I appreciate this time set aside to deny flesh, spend concentrated time in waiting and prayer, and to stop all the other voices around and in me and find what the “still small voice” of the Lord is wanting to say.
This is what I sensed the Lord was saying to me as I was seeking Him this morning: 

Come out of complacency and unbelief. 

Grab hold of the LORD- Father, Son, Spirit-

don’t let go until breakthrough and infusion of

Love, Power, Holy Laughter and Joy manifest!

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I pray, my dear Readers, that you find time away from the fray and quiet yourself, expecting the Lord to speak as you wait patiently.
This is an excellent time to set apart at the beginning of this new year; we don’t really know what’s ahead, but He’s already been from the beginning to the end. He alone knows how to lead us through it in victory!







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