Evil exists. And God is not a joke.

Sorry, busy week. I’ll get back to my own blog next Friday; just spoke with a young mother who was also abused as a child; she saw lions coming after her children; found out it was the Lord as a lion, lioness; showed her He’s got them safely in His mouth, nothing can take them away from His safety.

Just Salt

nature lion south africa whitelion Photo by Piet Bakker on Pexels.com

My therapist recently challenged me to view God as a lion, as C.S. Lewis did in one of his famous works. And when I think of Him as a lion; am I excited about that? Or afraid?

I admitted I am still more afraid of God than I’d like to be. Having all trust broken in my family of origin made trusting God difficult. I know what it is to live vulnerably and helplessly with predators as caregivers — to be hyper vigilant because the fangs could come out at any second. The sense of evil I felt in childhood was also strong. So the idea of drawing close to a lion doesn’t give me the best feeling. Yet, given that God describes HIMSELF as a lion (never mind what a fiction writer once came up with), it became something that I knew I…

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