Part Two: How to Handle Sexual Desires as a Single Christian Woman

I couldn’t have said it better; truth for young, single men as well!

Justified And Redeemed

There is a part two to this “How to Handle Sexual Desires as a Single Christian Woman,” type post, and if you want, you can read part one here, but you most certainly can continue reading this one regardless of reading the first one; however, I highly suggest reading it, for I do believe that we need to begin talking about how to handle sexual desires in the Christian women community, for I believe that sometimes, we can shut off these conversations without speaking about the importance of it.

As I began in part one, sex was created by God for married couples, and sex is only bad when it is done outside the confines of marriage. However, we sometimes, unintentionally, slip into the thinking of “let’s never talk about the good. and only focus on why we should not have sex until marriage,” and while I do agree…

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