Kairos? Another Book Reveal Change!

Spring has sprung, and the busy days have begun. Our Life Group is planning to have a Passover Seder tomorrow evening. I am helping Laurie prep lamb and vegetables for a stew. I will prepare the Charoset, a mixture of apple, cinnamon, and honey. This represents mud that the Hebrew slaves used to make bricks to build the pyramids. I’ll also make Beet Maror, a combination of beets, horseradish, and cider vinegar. This represents the blood and bitterness of slavery. It also balances the sweetness of the Charoset. It will be fun to use Grandma’s brass candlesticks.

That all God’s people will know the truth about our Messiah and His connection to the Passover!

Well readers, my shipment of books was delayed, so I WILL NOT be having a book reveal at Henderson library on Saturday, April 15th at 11:00. If you’d like to buy my book before the next event is scheduled, go to http://www.zoelifebooks.org where you can purchase one. I’m willing to sign your book if you can get it to me.

My first box of Musings Along Life’s Journey books arrived just as I was leaving to clean for Joe. I need to get some books to the library for the library board members and the librarian to pre-read. Tomorrow is Prayer Connection with the women in the morning, then finish preparing for the Seder. Saturday, I plan to work at the motel to begin spring cleaning. My grandson Caleb will accompany me. We have no Saturday night church, but two services on Easter Sunday.

As I said, this is the newest phase of this active life we’re living. Just got an email that Garden Club starts next Tuesday! I will see how the Lord helps me organize my schedule so everything gets done… in His perfect time.

I mark this day as the first day of being a published author of a manuscript. What an interesting journey I am on with my Lord. Have a truly wonderful Easter week.

Christ has risen! The tomb is empty, a. Christ Jesus is here!