Taught by Life or The Giver of Life?

I spent some time watching shorts on YouTube this morning and I want to share a bit with you. In this first video, Dan Mohler poses the question, “Were you taught by life, or by the giver of life?” God says there is a way that seems right to people, but its end is destruction. [Proverbs 14:12 & 16:5] Are you living the way that seems right to people on earth? Are you living the way of life that is right in God’s sight? How can you tell? Examine the fruit of the way you are living this life. I encourage you to watch this YouTube short for more.

Most of us are in a quandary about what’s going on these days. We know God has a plan, but things look messy, precarious, and doomed. I like what Kim Robinson shared on Elijah Streams. God showed her He is shaking out the rug. Think about how dirty things are around us. So much turmoil, so much buffeting from the enemy. God likes to get down to the nitty gritty, the root of the problem. I envision women using a rug beater back in the day, Kim sees a washing machine pounding the dirt out of the rug. I also remember when we pulled up the old rugs in our Victorian house. They had been down for a decade or more. What a mess of sand, dirt, detritus underneath -not to mention- what was on top and fell out when we rolled it up to dispose of it! I vowed never to have wall-to-wall carpet again after that experience. Let Kim Robinson encourage you with her vision.

I haven’t shared anything about my book publishing lately, so I’ll do so here. My daughter-in-love Jenn just sent me the photo she took for my author photo, and I just got the booklet Why Tongues by Kenneth E. Hagin. I want to recommend this booklet to go along with sharing my own experience with the Holy Spirit in my book. Did I mention the book is called: Musings Along Life’s Journey Discoveries On The Path Of Life. Here’s the photo:

Amazing what a good photo editor can do! I told Jenn to pick the one she thought was good because she knows what I look like better than I do. She’s looking for photo shoot jobs if you’re interested.

Oh, one last thing to mention, I am going on a mission trip. I have not been on one since February of 2015, so it’s time. John Wicks of Faith Builders Ministries came to our church on November 12 & 13 to share a need for workers for a construction team and encourage those God was not calling to go to pray and give toward those who were to go. So, it was clear to me that I should go. The Lord provided the money for the down payment for the trip in my savings and I am working to raise the rest by mid-December.

We will be building the women’s dormitory at the Kilimanjaro Bible College in Moshi, Tanzania. Terry & Marilyn Weaver, Elim missionaries for over 25 years, established the college and John Wicks traveled there with a team in 2000 to construct the library and administration building. The campus now has seven buildings but needs a dorm for the group of women who are attending classes. Faith Builders received the building permit and are granted permission from the Moshi government to proceed building the women’s dorm.

I will be going as a laborer and another woman from my church also agreed to go. There will be two teams, one leaving about February 10th, returning about the 23rd. A second team comes about February 21 and leaves about March 4th. Trip days are variable depending on ticket prices.

First, I ask you to pray for all of us going on the trip, that God will provide all our needs, even though it’s short notice to raise funds to travel, get paperwork and immunizations, etc. Pray for favor for all of us, since the Tanzania government is not always easy to please. Second, if you feel the Spirit pulling you to go, contact John Wicks cell (315)380-3725, email wicks444@gmail.com and if you would like to donate, send donations to Faith Builders Ministries Inc, PO Box 15173, Syracuse, NY 13215 putting “Tanzania 2023” in the memo on your check.

How much does it cost? $2,950.00 covers all trip expenses except: visa, airport food and additional luggage costs for the plane, immunizations/malaria meds. Note: we are staying in a 4-star hotel that is air-conditioned, has a fine dining facility serving American/Indian/African foods, outdoor dining with view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a pool, and wi-fi. Daily schedule starts at 6:00 a.m., lights out at 9:00 p.m. Did I mention a sightseeing trip during the team overlap? Oh, don’t forget the 30% DEET insect repellent and lots of broad-spectrum sunscreen and a broad brimmed hat!

Winter is just beginning… what will you be doing in mid-February?