A Burning Bush Moment

A burning bush caused Moses to turn aside to investigate. God spoke to him, and Moses began a new phase of his life, one he tried to break into forty years earlier by his own strength. Jennifer LeClaire in The Prophet’s Devotional referenced this portion of Scripture and shared her own burning bush experience in her back yard that led her to a new level of her calling.

Last weekend, we had a winter weather event in New York State. We laid low, and I uncharacteristically dressed in sweats except for the times clearing snow and getting vehicles uncovered. Before I really woke up Sunday morning, my husband John came in from working outside and said the wind was really strong and blowing snow around, so I should not go to church and watch online.

I got up and dressed in sweats again, did my exercise, had breakfast, and finally was able to get the church service just after 10 am. I worshipped with them, was reminded that the turkey dinner giveaway and Operation Christmas Child boxes were being delivered, and Pastors Paul and Cheryl were back from two weeks away. Pastor Cheryl got up and said this is a day of importation. People that have not had words spoken over them fulfilled, that need to be released into what the Lord has for them next, would be prayed for at the end of service.

I knew immediately that I had to go into church! I quickly dressed, found John out cleaning off solar panels, and asked if he thought it had settled down enough for me to go. After a bit of incredulity, I left with his cautions to drive safely following me.

I spent the 20-minute drive praying in tongues and acknowledging I was in God’s timing. I arrived just at the end of service, walking in as people were hurrying out with turkey dinners to deliver. I went straight to the front of the sanctuary where Pastor Josh was praying for a woman friend of mine, and I joined in on her other side, and the Lord gave me a word for her. Then Pastor Paul prayed more of my destiny over me, and then Pastor Josh prayed over me, confirming some things.

I count this trip to church prompt as my own burning bush. I was able to encourage several other people and connect with a woman I met at our Women’s Conference in the spring. I safely arrived home earlier than usual and rejoiced that obedience has its own rewards in God’s economy.

So, what about you? I’d love to hear testimonies from my readers of how God has drawn you, you have chosen to turn to him, and he has met you there. May you all grow deeper into a relationship with the maker and sustainer of us all. Until next week, blessed Thanksgiving and true Shalom from Father God.

Snow, God’s cleansing!