Prepare The Way!

Prepare the way! Prepare the way of the Lord! Maybe you remember the musical Jesus Christ Super Star? It’s from my younger years with a sister almost a decade older than me and that’s where this song came from. I was just listening to Celtic Worship by Eden’s Gate from my iTunes library, which I’ve not heard for a while. Why am I listening to this? Because I’m working to wrap my mind around packing for Tanzanian 2023 and needed the company. I was supposed to do this two weeks before we travel, which would have been Tuesday, January 24th, and now it’s the 27th. Yesterday we were able to go into the city and get the last things I need to pack… hopefully! My checked bag weighs in at just over 41 lbs., and I have seven more pounds leeway. Lord, as I prepare, help me not forget what will be needed. Oh, the photo above is what our house looks like after a two- going on three- day snow event. I took the pics today when I went out to check the mail.

The constant questions I have been asked about this trip, “Are you anxious?” “Are you excited?” “Are you worried?”… No, No, and I don’t think so. I know I am right where I need to be today, and the Lord has proven He has gone before me to prepare the way. One example so far: the Public Health nurse rattled off the name of the malaria meds she was prescribing, one I hadn’t heard of. She said it’s really expensive, I should get Good RX or something to help pay for it. This brought me some anxious thoughts. When I called the drug store to ask what it was and how much, the pharmacist said it’s Malarone, a well-tolerated medicine combination, and it costs $15.00. Wow!

The Lord knows just how much money I need for things for the trip and for things that will come out of my account while I am gone. At each turn, the money has been there. John has been extremely generous, making sure I have what I need above and beyond my income I bring in. He just got his first Social Security check with the “raise” yesterday, the day I needed to take cash out of our joint account to pay the Visa when we get to Tanzania.

I’m looking forward to meeting the team I’ll be working with, especially a young woman named Hannah who will turn 18 while we are there, whom I am partnered with. Her father is also going, well versed in construction skills, and she told me she went to Mexico with her family on a mission trip when she was 10. We are part of the first team, the only women, the second team comes just before we leave Moshi, Tanzania and that team has no women on it. Our leader said there’s been a word already given that women are being called forth into ministry and Hannah and I are part of this calling forth.

We all need to be extremely sensitive to the Spirit of God, He’s already giving us words to speak forth to those around us. This encouragement is for my readers as well as for our team! We must be in tune with what He’s wanting to say, His spirit in tune with ours.

I am preparing my body to be used as needed on this trip. I was able to help shovel yesterday when the belt broke on the snowblower. I am designated Mason’s Helper on this team, so that mostly means carrying buckets of mud for the masons. It’s an adventure accumulating the clothing needed for this trip. The temps will be above 80 F. and lower 60s at night. We need to cover as much skin as possible since the malaria meds make you sun sensitive. Makes me think Amish dresses might be easier? The Lord led me to the medical scrubs in the thrift store. I found light weight pants with comfortable waists and pockets. I got light weight long sleeved men’s shirts that will keep me covered in the back, and I bought a safari hat with neck coverage and a good brim on the front. I also have some long skirts and summer blouses for church or dinner. Thank you for those who buy new clothes to donate to thrift stores!

I am preparing my spirit. Since I haven’t found a devotional to use before I go, I have spent many hours between 10 PM and 8 AM communing/dreaming with the Lord. I bless the Spirit to seal my dreams and reveal what I need when the time comes, since I’m not remembering much once I wake up. I am keeping a journal as I prepare for this trip and will keep it with me as I travel. I’ve also been playing a lot of Lauren Daigle and other worship songs. I spent my younger years of my walk with Jesus gleaning Scripture from songs, and I return to that in these days. reawakening what’s been planted. The Lord knows we are but flesh, I pray my spirit feasts on Him.

I leave you with the glory I captured this afternoon. Yes, my Musings book is on its way; I should have a proof copy before I travel or just after I come home.