Let’s Get On Board!

God’s Creativity shining through again!

Welcome readers to more abundance and Bible pondering. This dancing tomato on a bed of kale on my counter makes me smile! It’s been a long day of blanching, peeling, seeding tomatoes for a nine-pint batch of salsa. Three kinds of peppers, including the hot red cherries I told you about last week, onions we froze earlier, and fresh garlic. This year’s salsa should be in the medium heat category rather than the bland garden variety fiesta salsa from last year.

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This is one of the Elijah Streams videos I watched while working on tomatoes. Mike Thompson shared that we’re at a critical mass, a tipping point. We need to get on board with the Spiritual abilities God is pouring out. Mike had several words about healings toward the end of this video. One was, “There’s a right shoulder being healed, the name is John.”

My husband John, with the right shoulder pain, walked into the house shortly after I heard this and I said, “This man just gave a word that a right shoulder is being healed and the name is John.” I had claimed the healing for him (this is actually the second time I’ve claimed healing for John’s shoulders) but John said, “Well, mine’s not healed.” Last time I claimed healing, he said, “It will be healed when the doctor operates on it in December!”

The question is, what’s happening here? I also listened to David Suchet reading the book of John today, and these verses stuck out:

John 8:46b “… If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? 47 Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” [NIV]

Jesus says that if they had turned to Him, He would have healed them. So is this the key to why my husband’s shoulders are not healed? Even though the left one had surgery last winter, he still gets pains in it as well as the right one now bothering him. He has not yet surrendered to Jesus and is still walking in darkness. How many of us, even those who know Jesus, are not being healed because we don’t trust that Jesus wants to heal us? How many people are cut off from Jesus’ healing because they have not opened their hearts to His miraculous healing power? I am not sure what the key is to healing, but I know Jesus had compassion and healed all those who came to Him or were brought to Him in the Bible.

If we have the gift of the Holy Spirit of God and the fullness of Christ within us as Believers, have we activated, through relationship, what is residing within? Let us not waste the grace that has been poured out on and within us through Christ’s redeeming love and sacrifice. There are many opportunities for delving into the healing Scriptures. Let us avail ourselves of this abundance and fill our hearts and minds with the Word of healing offered and promised by the Father.

You might begin at Sid Roth’s ISN https://sidroth.org/ where Sid Roth has a free download of his Healing Scriptures book. My search for Healing Scriptures came up with a list of books, videos, and other ministries with healing Scriptures. Many read, memorize, and/or meditate on healing scriptures as a daily vitamin or immune booster. Sounds like a good practice to me! I remind myself I am a child of God and He says healing is the children’s bread. Let us eat of Him and live in divine health, making others jealous for the things of God!

Henderson Summer Sunset!