Against the Tide…What’s your stride?

concerned The Covenant

People of the Covenant

Against the Tide: The Valor of Margaret Wilson (Chosen Daughters)

Ancestors of the Clans

Promised none but Jesus

Be Lord of their hearts and plans

Britain’s mighty king professed –

Made covenant public but did not keep;

Decreed that all bow low and call

His Kingly church sovereign above God

Ye killing times as they were called,

Made many martyr seeds for Christ

Tho’ many loved life more than covenant

Lass of 18 could ne’er recant

Tho’ staked for tide waves to engulf

Loved Savior more than self

Could not recant the Lord she pledged

But quoting hope of life to come

Poem I wrote Inspired by Hope Irvin Marsden’s book Against The Tide


This murky photo of a sunset brings to mind the Celtic shores the above book was staged in. I heard Kevin L. Zadai on Sid Roth’s ISN (It’s Supernatural!) Network (March 11, 2018) talking about his visit to Heaven.

One thing he said is as we start pursuing God, God has a momentum for you as you set times aside to seek Him, to speak to Him. This pursuit attracts angels who draw near to you; they come to help you to accomplish what’s in your book of life. (Psalm 139) Demons come with a goal to trip you up and take you out so you’ll never keep up your momentum in the race. These are assassins sent to get you to back off and not finish your race.

In the above book, a young woman finds the glory of following Jesus and she was forced to recant or be drown by the incoming tide. Most of us will never be faced with such a hard choice, but we all have a destiny to fulfill that God made specifically for each one of us. I encourage you to press on and keep relentlessly pursuing the things of God and the plans He has for you.


Is it in yours?


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