Musings on Forgiveness

How Far Would You Go?

Flee north or south

Reap a frigid pole

Head east or west

How many eons

Would you go?

The Lord said far as 

East from west

So far my sins have flown

I can not comprehend

How far that means

they’re thrown

When Jesus paid for them

On Calvary’s rugged tree

His blood cleansed forever

Contrite souls for eternity

How far would YOU go?

I share this poem I wrote a few years ago in light of Easter and Passover season, jesus-cross-summit-cross-37737.pngreflecting on the price Jesus Christ paid for me AND all humanity for all times to be set free from all sins.  As a line in Chris Tomlin’s song Here I Am To Worship says: “I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross”!

David Crowder’s song Forgiven reminds us “I’m the one who held the nail; it was cold between my fingertips”  we can also think about Judas’ kiss, being the thief on the cross who repented… on and on…I am just as guilty of putting Jesus on that cross as all of humanity is.  God loves us so much He sent Jesus to be our spotless lamb sacrifice, Jesus chose to take the path to that cross for the joy that was set before him. Because He rose on the third day, those of us who choose to accept Jesus as Lord and savior will also rise as He did.  YES, it’s a choice!  Have you made the choice to accept the supreme sacrifice of the cross, the only way we could come back into fellowship with the Creator of us all?  Yes, the God of the Universe loves you and me enough to want us back from the death sin brings us! 

Even though I’ll never understand fully this side of Heaven, I choose to trust what the Bible says and take the forgiveness Jesus paid the price for.  Why not?  It IS a FREE gift; if I love the Giver, I accept His gift!

 How far would YOU go?

How much farther will you go before you surrender-

to the One who made you –

knows you intimately –

and loves you to the end of the Earth?Guilt pardoned


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