May Musings

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Dearest readers, is May always such a busy month for you as it is for us? In our family we currently have one anniversary and 7 birthdays as well as Mother’s Day, spring cleaning, Grandparent’s Day at school… We’re busy planning our garden, moving the raised beds again; this time we’re lining most of them up along our garden fence to give the climbing things a place to climb. We’ve bought our seeds, seed potatoes and onion sets and are deciding which tomato and pepper plants to buy. I spent two evenings moving our compost pile, husband John spent two afternoons moving the compost & soil to the new bed placements after we spent one evening moving the raised bed frames. John made frames of plastic wood and we’ve raised/moved them each year we’ve been at this house. Whew! What a job it’s been already and the real work of weeding, feeding, mowing and such hasn’t begun yet! I’m very thankful to get out in the fresh air amid the rainy days we’ve been having.

Crossroads Prison Ministries

Do you have a heart to encourage/minister to those in prison? Do you have an hour or two a week you could sacrifice to mentor a student in the Crossroads Prison Ministry courses? The ministry has recently begun paying postage for the students to send their lessons back to the office and the number of students has multiplied greatly, which makes the need for new mentors great as well.  It takes so little to minister hope and encouragement to those in prison.  I’ve been an Instructor for about 7 years and have gotten much more than I’ve given to these students! To find out more go to:

On another front: yesterday was a big YouTube day for me. First I watched Dan Mohler’s video You can’t stop your mind from wandering so harness it! reminding me to quickly forgive anyone who offends me. Pray for that person because they need it; or else they wouldn’t have hurt you. Also, don’t try to empty your mind; turn to the Lord and fill your mind with God thoughts!

Next was a couple of Kevin Zadai’s  Agenda of angels videos. A couple things stood out from that: first, stop grieving the angels. Your prayers cause Heaven to send out angels to bring the answer to you, but if you doubt- James 1:But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. -you cancel out your prayers and the angels can’t deliver what you were asking God for.  (also see Daniel 10:12-14) The second thing that stood out is praying in tongues is what Kevin calls “Stealth Language” because the devil can’t understand what we’re praying when we pray/speak in tongues. The Apostle Paul said when we pray in tongues we give thanks well. It also causes you to speak out your destiny. When Kevin was in heaven, the Lord showed him book cases filled with books and many gathering dust. He was told those were books about our lives that hadn’t been accessed and the plans of God for those lives hadn’t been fulfilled because the people didn’t access them.  Listening to these videos, I found a new release to pray/speak in tongues, to stand steadfast in my prayers and to quickly forgive and pray for those I’ve forgiven. I leave you to sort out these musings and ask Holy Spirit to open your understanding. That chapter in James I mentioned above also speaks about asking for wisdom. Until next week:

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  1. How can I talk to my dad? “How can I talk to my father in an easy but effective way?” . You cannot change your father but you can change how you see him and maintain a spirit of optimism. I’ll


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