Random Musings for June 14

Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Happy Flag day for all my readers in the USA! It’s good to pause and thank God for this symbol of all that’s been invested in our nation, including many prayers that are still being fulfilled in our days! Yes, life’s busy on my end – I don’t know which is busier-harvest time or early garden season! I’ve been listening/watching a lot of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural programs and several YouTube videos connected with his guests, as well as reading several books at once:

  • Deceived from Within: A Look into the Self-Proclaimed “Hebrew Israelites” by Antoine Evans

  • Working with Angels: Flowing with God in the Supernatural by Steven Brooks

  • How To Live Out Of A Dream: An 8 year old crippled boy walks through an open door into God’s dream by Tommy Reid & Aimee Reid-Sych

  • The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women                                     by Kate Moore

hamoc sleep

Did any of you attend Franklin Graham’s Decision America North East Tour? The Lord graciously hooked me up with my friend Jackie; we both wanted to attend the tour in Syracuse, NY but both had riders cancel at the last minute. We BOTH thought we weren’t supposed to go that day, but I was prompted to text her about who else I could ride with and it worked out perfectly! What a wonderful Hallelujah time with Crowder doing the worship and Franklin Graham‘s exhortation. It was amazing how many people went forward and then fireworks at the end! Not only did we both meet dear friends from the past there, we were able to pray for and minister to a young Moonie[follower of Sung Yang Moon] woman selling roses at the gate on the way out. The Lord is bringing a lot of New Age, homosexual and similarly broken & deceived people into both our lives recently.   Did I mention my friend Jackie had her walker and we got special handicap treatment? That included parking so close to the tour bus we were able to take each other’s photos in front of it!

Decison America Heidi


Decision America Jackie

I’m also contemplating health and healing as well as angel activity and authority in Christ again. Did you realize when Moses died at 120 years old, he was healthy, strong and had all his faculties. He climbed the mountain, God showed him the Promised land, then he lay down and died. (Deuteronomy 34:7) We do NOT have to be sick and weak to die; if you learn to trust the Lord for divine health, you can die peacefully in your bed or lounge chair at a ripe old age; just passing from earth to heaven in a twinkle of an eye! It’s NOT just an empty dream if you really search what the Scriptures truly say. I recommend Norval Hayes‘ many books of his revelations from the Lord about healing; all are fairly short.

One last thought: Steve and Brenda Kunneman (you can find them on YouTube) have a prophecy about July 4th, 2019. They’re calling for prayers and declarations for 90 Days of Summer beginning on June 21. Will you join me praying/declaring against the plans of the enemy and for the plans of God?  Looks like the most crucial times are from the 21st to the 4th of July. Looks like Satan’s army is amassing for a spectacular melee as we celebrate our independence. I leave you all in the Father’s right hand, seated in the Heavenly places in Christ Jesus with another view from our yard.


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