What is Your Passion?

friendsI recently finished reading How To Live Out Of A Dream by Tommy Reid & Aimee Reid-Sych. On page 111 Aimee lists three things to define for yourself:

  1. Know your Position
  2. Identify your Passion
  3. Strengthen your Posture

I focus on my notes about #2.

Identifying my Passion(s):

  • Babies

  • Worship/singing

  • Sharing Biblical revelation with others

  • Wanting to see God’s Glory; including healings

  • Storming heaven instead of hearing litanies of woes and negativity that glorify demons

  • Hugging and praying with people

image000000_8I wrote this while lying in bed August 30th, I put emojis before each item, then prayed in tongues for a few minutes,breaking out in hysterical Holy Spirit laughter (have you ever experienced being drunk in the Spirit as happened to the 120 on Pentecost in Acts 1?) until I had a chest ache and then all I could say was “Yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes, yes! Yes, Yes, thank You Holy Spirit. Thank You Father God. Thank You Father God, You are my God and I am your daughter; I am your child and I thank You for sweet sleep and sweet dreams.

ZACHARIAS AND ELIZABETHNext I remembered Kevin Zadai mentioning living to 120? He said God is changing people’s eating and lifestyle and many are having their youth renewed to be here on earth as a manifest child of God, to be part of the work God has to be done in this era of history. He and Dan Mohler both say they have no thought of dying any time soon, there’s a lot more the Lord has for them to do.  Three years ago the Lord led me to drastically change my eating and exercise/activities. I’ve noticed things that used to bother me no longer do; that I’m as healthy as I was (or more than) I was at 18. By His grace, I’m on a new path and know my relationship with the Lord is growing. If it’s God’s will, I am willing to live another 64 years by His strength. I’ve just heard plans are in the works to manipulate bodies to live 120 years, but that’s not the way I want to do it; that would mean manipulation of the body to change DNA or something of the sort. If that’s the case, I’m not reaching for that goal!

sleeping I end with a short dream I had that may help someone else. 

I was walking on a village street. I’d stopped and was watching a young lady doggedly climbing something like a tower or high climbing wall. I am standing with her hasty fiancee (they’d quickly decided to marry and he’s having second thoughts), helping him realize what her passions are as he’s watching her do this daring feat. I’m telling him what a good thing she is for him, hold on tight, don’t let her go… for him to let her be what she is and his part of the equation will fit in with her.

In closing:Child, you are Mine

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