The Fruits of Fasting

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Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

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I’ve had a couple days in the past week to spend a whole hour or more soaking. For this quiet time, I put a 60 minute timer on my phone clock. I close the door to my office, sit on the rug, gather a Bible, note book and graph paper pad, my glasses and a pen. I lean against the cabinet, making sure my shawl and tissues are handy, then settle and start the timer. I begin praying/singing in my Spirit language. I sing out songs as they come to mind, record thoughts on paper as they come. An hour seems long when I start, but about half way through, the Spirit really takes over and I’m surprised when the timer goes off! I’ll share some of the fruit I’ve found in my darkened office, free of major distractions.

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First, the Spirit downloaded a plan for my evening meal and I chose not to start preparations for the meal until 4 PM. This took food off my mind once I wrote down the plan. Along with the food prep, I wrote down: don’t do mending until evening, no computer before supper… Then I got a couple of constructive plans:

 When my daughter was here with her family, she complained there’s no place to fold clothes in my laundry area. My husband said if I’d give him plans, he’d make a place to do that. Well, this time of flowing thoughts birthed the plan for restructuring the room.

 Next I got ideas for making the space between the end of my desk and the wall more useful. I wrote the ideas down (good time to have a graph paper pad on the floor beside me).

feeling fine  Things I’d heard over the days before began to bear fruit: Speak Truth, Life, Blessing, Love…not curses and fault finding. My spirit led me to text a friend after I’d bound the curses over her marriage, family, household and then released the blessings that had been covered by the curses. She was extremely touched that I’d reached out to her as well as prayed for her.

Next: the Israelites were covered by the Glory of God when they wandered in the wilderness; they had daily provision and were kept by Him for 40 years… SO, in the Glory today, I have complete healing and divine health, shoes and clothing don’t wear out, and I have ever-present daily bread [manna]to bless my body and soul. Lord, bring me deeper into Your Glory!

After contemplating God’s great provision, it was clear we need to pare down our excess possessions. I asked: Father, give me ideas for re-gifting things within our possessions, give my husband ideas for gifts as You give them to me (so we can be on the same page). I thanked Holy Spirit for His influence on John and acknowledged the angels I know are ministering salvation to him.

Is that meThe hour went well, praise God! The fruit continued Sunday in church. We had a major time of prayer and ministry after a short sermon. I was so full of the Spirit, I turned around and prayed for the woman behind me just what she needed. I then saw a woman up front Pastor was praying for, and followed the Spirit’s lead to put a hand on her other shoulder. A woman told me she knew in the Spirit just what I was going to pray for the other woman. Next, I’d brought a book to church to give to one woman, and she wasn’t in church but I offered it to my small group leader and she was eager to read it! It was exciting having such an open heaven in the sanctuary that day!

The fruit kept manifesting through the week! I could tell many other things, but this post is long enough, so I’ll bring it to an end! I’m in the last 5 days of the 21 day fast and know the effects of this time concentrating on Immanuel will bear much fruit even after this fast comes to an end…

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What’s the Spirit saying to you these days? Are you making time to seek the Lord? I can attest to its worth; even if it’s 10-15 minutes a day to start. If you don’t have Holy Spirit and your heavenly language yet, ask and receive Him, just like you did  asking Jesus in! The power and authority of Christ is strengthened in us as we yield to the Spirit; it’s an opportunity to bring forth the plans and purposes God has for your life and to give praises well through Holy Spirit language. The Apostle Paul said so much in his epistles about the value and purposes fulfilled by Holy Spirit having utterance through Believers. I’m getting increased understanding of its value from The Coming Glory by Tim Sheets.

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