Acres of Diamonds


I was blessed to be part of the pre-read team for Jentezen Franklin‘s new book: Acres of Diamonds; Discovering God’s Best Right Where You Are. A year ago, I used Jentezens The Fasting Edge book and journal during our January fasting time and found his ideas enhanced by excellent story examples quite useful. By the way, February 11th, 2020 is the official launch date for the new book, so check it out!

In Acres of Diamonds, Franklin uses more of his treasure trove of stories from around the world, his family, and the Bible. They definitely add a lot to his teachings. I’ve tagged this book Jentezen Franklin‘s opus because it touches on just about every issue we can find in this life and how to handle it standing firm upon the Rock of Christ. He speaks to some issues very bluntly and straight forward, but kind and loving; in a “tough love” manner. I also appreciated his testimonies of how he became a minister and how their church was miraculously born. Here are the chapter titles and sub-titles to give you a feel for the book.

  1. Why Not Now? Get on God’s Clock, Missed Opportunity, The Power of Now, Release Your Faith Right Now, Start Living Today

  2. How Diamonds Are Born Blessings in the Battle, Diamonds in the Dirt, God Will Use Your Trials, How to Outlast Your Tough Season, Sow the Word into Yourself, Be Planted Like a Tree

  3. The “Stay Here” Command Stay Where you Are, This Is the Place, What Is Tattered Can Be Restored, A Tattered Dream in the Right Hands

  4. Open My Eyes Look Into the Right Mirror, Get a Big Picture, See It and Believe It

  5. Hell in the Hallway Remember the Lord Is Your Doorkeeper, Thank God for Doors That Didn’t Open, Make Worship a Priority, A Long Walk Can Be a Gift

  6. Let It Take You Up it’s Gonna Get Windy, What Happens in You; Not What Happens to You, Dig Deep Roots, Attitude Is Everything

  7. Let Down Your Bucket Get Anchored Right, Drop Four Anchors, Drop the Anchor of Purpose, Drop the Anchor of Courage, Drop the Anchor of Worship, Drop the Anchor of Church, Victory Comes Little by Little

  8. Focus on the Positive A Promise and a Negative Report, It’s Easy to Be Negative, No Right to Be Negative, Set the Standard, Wait in Expectation, Expect to Receive

  9. Take This Job and Love It Work Is Worship, Affect Your Environment by Standing Out, Get Anointed, Have an Excellent Spirit, Develop an “And Then Some” Attitude

  10. How to Be a Hero As for Me and My House, Start Digging Wells, The Well of Sacrifice,The Well of Quality Time, Your Children Are God’s Weapons

  11. If You’re in It, You Can Win It Great Victories among Dry Bones, Get Under God’s Hand, Speak Spiritual Blessing into Existence

  12. Heaven, The Ultimate Acres of Diamonds Heaven Is Real, All Things Made New, Work Now for an Eternal Reward

The Appendix contains the complete original story of “Acres of Diamonds”, a graduation address by Russell H. Conwell, the story Franklin uses in his Introduction.

I hope I’ve whet your appetite for this book! I highly recommend it; especially if you’re in a challenging season right now! happy nerd

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