Don’t forget the children!

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I picked this book up at church Sunday morning and had read it by the time I went to bed that evening. Jennifer has been working with children since her early twenties. Pastor Bill Johnson wrote the foreword and I encourage you to read this book if you want to know how to become like a child as Jesus told us to be. Also, Jennifer shares many amazing, exciting stories that really happened!

Luke 17:1 “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

From the foreword: “(this book) is a record of her (Jennifer’s) experiences in seeing the kingdom of God manifested through hearts, hands, mouths, and lives of children. Her awareness of their gifts and capabilities brings a necessary wake-up call to us as we recognize the need to equip this generation to ‘do the stuff.’ The stories in this book are provoking as we read about the childlike faith that empties hospitals, brings salvation to the person on the street, and is quick to obey and trust the voice of God.”

Jennifer has had an amazing life, working with children and training them to walk in God. She’s been in different countries and different parts of this country and tells stories that will blow your mind! The Spirit used her daughter as an infant to minister to people.

We all need to train like these children have; overwhelmed by the love of Father God. When preparing for an outreach, these children-many are four or younger-ask God for direction for the outreach. These children have visions, healing and miracles flow through them as they work in the power and love of God. They get words to write and say, have visions of a specific person, a specific place they need to go to find the person and simple trust that God will lead them. They also know to pray as they go if they don’t know the next step.

What is holding you back? Unbelief? Doubt God could use you? Fear of strangers? What about the perceived lack of something? I declare my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Also, Scripture says the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us who believe. How many times in the Bible are we told to be strong and courageous, not terrified or dismayed because the Lord our God is with us forever?

We cannot accomplish world evangelism without these young workers and those of us activated by the love of God and by His Spirit who can come alongside and work with all ages. God gives us the faith to believe; the mustard seed. As we walk in Him, our faith grows as we see His work through us. The fruits of the Spirit don’t grow by our accomplishments, but by abiding in Christ. The love of God grows as we trust and obey what Jesus has said and step forward in faith.

These children can’t do it alone. They need older people to train, lead, and encourage them to follow the Lord’s leading. This means we also need to live in childlike wonder and trust. The love of God needs to overflow and humble us beneath the Father’s loving hand. How many of our own children now grown would still follow hard after the Lord if we had led them into an authentic experience with the love and power of God? Let’s not drop the ball in this generation!

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