I found this random title in my draft folder. This is my first time using the WordPress mobile app on my phone so let’s see what happens!

I remember my daughter who is an aerospace engineer looking for a new car. She thought about a BMW, but settled on a KIA SUV. She noted one would give status, but be a draw for criminals. The other was less expensive, as well as less tempting to the nefarious ones.

This puts me in mind of Jesus teaching: where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Granddaughter’s cake

Is your treasure being safely stored in heaven, or here on earth where moth, rust, mold and thieves destroy?

Well, this week I read all six books in Rose Doss’ Amish Vows series (Christian romance) as well as Plain Obsession, an Amish romantic suspense by Allison Stone. Also, foraging for food in my kitchen, glad I didn’t make any brownies or cookies. On the other hand, I have been praying in tongues often and singing worship at odd times.

Green bean harvest

Next Thursday is the time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA. Things will look a lot different this year, but giving thanks to God for all the blessings we have in Christ Jesus has never been more important. We stand on the prayers of the first Pilgrims who dedicated this land to God’s purposes and thanked Him for providence.

Photo by Todd Trapani on

God is on the move and Justice is being meted out. I’m thankful for the light shining on the corruption and mercy tempering judgement, or we will be consumed by holy fire.

I pray you all find streams in the desert and hold on to hope, for those who hope in God will not be ashamed or disappointed. Encourage yourself in the Lord, giving thanks for his goodness and great love for us. Amen!

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