Chaos to Victory!

Why did the chicken cross the road? This question does not compute!

This is the puzzle I just finished after almost a week’s work and my husband’s help. It’s been in our family for decades and this is the first time in about five years anyone has attempted to put together! I’ve lost most of the box and have only the front picture and the challenge from the back of the box, so I’m not sure if it’s 1,000 pieces or more! Look at all the little cubicles and workers in brightly colored jumpsuits, along with the cars and trucks that transported them there or shuffle data back and forth from top to bottom. Notice the many signs labeling everything. Very Telling: electrical cord is not plugged in? Chaos is the only word I can come up with to describe this scene! Sort of like what our country is dealing with currently? Like when people are not plugged in to God.

Proverbs 3:25 Do not be awed in sudden fear, nor the desolation of the wicked when it comes! [One New Man Bible]

Well, I’m excited because God is on the move and His justice is flowing to expose all the deep dark secrets; not just in our country, but around the world. I’ve been encouraging myself listening to God-honoring, hope-filled people of God on Elijah Streams, Shawn Bolz’ pod casts, and Sid Roth’s ISN. I’m not totally ignorant about what’s going on, but I don’t choose to steep myself in all the swirling mess.

Proverbs 22:12 The eyes of the LORD preserve knowledge and He overthrows the words of the deceitful. [NKJV] I’m excited to see how God’s glory will be revealed when He steps into the picture as He did for Lazarus, Daniel, the three Hebrew children in the fire… this is an opportunity to learn patience and grow our faith. I’m going to see the victory because the battle belongs to the LORD! Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. [One New Man Bible]

Hardcover Exploring the Prophetic Devotional Book

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ve noticed I took a hiatus from posting. I just finished a twenty-one-day fast along with our congregation, reading and studying the twenty-one chapters of the book of John. This year my plan is to do periodic Bible studies instead of a year-long devotional book. For the next ninety days, I am working through Exploring The Prophetic by Shawn Bolz, learning to increase my ability to hear God.

Day 1, “Prophetic Gifts Show the Nature of God” How have you been changed by love through the hearing of God’s voice?… This could be a Scripture that stuck out to you in love and changed you.‘ I chose Philippians chapter 4; specifically verses 6-7.

Day 2, “Sharing Headspace with God” ‘Pick a subject you really care about right now and sit down to really think about it… Observe your own thoughts… you’re in charge of what goes on in your mind.‘ I wrote out all my thoughts about my cousin I’m trying to mentor. Now I need to analyze which thoughts partner with God and which are more human driven. This is a good exercise for training my mind to think frequent God-thoughts.

Chillin’ in the Spirit!

Reading Billye Brim’s blog last week, she referenced a Bible prophecy in this book which has been on my shelf for a year… making my choice for my next book to read. It so rivetted me, I read it in less than three days! Jonathan Cahn begins: What you are about to read is presented in the form of a narrative, but what is contained in the story, all that the Oracle reveals, is absolutely real.” Chapter one begins: “What if I told you of a mystery so vast that it spans the world and the ages, from ancient times to this very moment… a mystery that moves behind and through all human events, directs and turns the paths of leaders, determines the future of nations and empire… and of the world itself… to bring all things to their appointed end?” “I wouldn’t believe it” said the narrator’s friend. Well, the narrator would not believe if he hadn’t seen it himself!

The Oracle, after being found by the narrator, begins with the narrator’s vision which revealed Moses reading the Law to the Israelites in the wilderness when God first gave it to them. This narrative, through visions and revelations, takes you from that time in the Bible to our current age. It’s amazing how God orchestrates people, nations, the Shabat Scriptures, years and dates to bring about His plans and fulfill His Word to men through the prophets and the Spirit’; specifically the history of the Israelites and how it relates to all of us. Jubilee means all reverts back to the original owner, all debts are forgiven. Every fifty years is a Jubilee and the Jubilee years accumulate, building on each other.

When I reviewed this book on Goodreads, another reviewer, a Pastor, said he began reading the book because a group in his church were reading it and were very excited about it. He found it repetitive and did not like it at all, or finish reading; he said he’d give it less than one star if he could. I found this book fascinating, with my hunger to understand how God works and what’s going on behind the scenes, especially as it pertains to the Jewish people. Yes, the book is repetitive, but Kahn had a reason for writing the way he did. I highly recommend this book, also Jonathan Kahn’s other books. He’s a Messianic Jew who’s knowledgeable of Jewish culture, the Word of God, the prophetic and how it’s fulfilled in our world. The history he shares woven with Bible prophecy and world events always educates, amazes, and causes me to think! It’s always enlightening when you look behind the scenes to see how God is faithful to all generations.

Here are some grandchildren of the 2000s, Me from the 1960s, husband John from 1950s, Ravi from 1940s, soil and flower that God promises will continue for all generations on earth, and Abraham Lincoln from the 1800s as representatives of several generations.

May you find true Shalom in Emmanuel, God with us as we head to the end of January 2021. Hallelujah, sing His praises for Jesus Christ is worthy of all! I put my trust in the Lord forever because He has been faithful through all generations and promises to be with us forever! Stand firm on faith in Him and see His glory revealed in Victory! Amen.

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