Let My People Think!

Welcome readers, to another gathering of my activities. We are still enjoying a gentle fall; not having experienced a frost or seen snow yet. Nightfall comes sooner and cooler nights, but it’s a remarkable fall in the north country. I just pulled the last of our pepper plants and we’ve consumed the last salad made with our own greens There are still some beets to be picked and marigolds to pull, but that waits for another day. Thus, the slowest – possibly longest – harvesting of the garden and preparing for winter we have ever experienced!

Does your family ever do a leftovers night for dinner? We have been making large dinners for a week. I have two extra men in the house since it’s hunting season. Since I was working on produce and John has been making sausage this afternoon, I took all the leftovers out of our fridge and got out plates. We each chose what we wanted to eat and took turns warming a plate in the microwave. It has been a successful hunting week, so the fridge has been occupied with bins of meat as well as the leftovers. I think this appliance is breathing a sigh of relief; I know I am!

Hardcover Is Atheism Dead? Book

This week I am not sharing a book I have read, but one I just ordered to read. I saw Eric Metaxas interviewed on the Shaun Tabatt Show about his newest book, Is Atheism Dead? Eric has been one of my favorite authors since I read Bonhoeffer. He has researched well and found science is advancing to a point it is making atheist’s arguments untenable. Eric is not just a Christian apologist, but truly interested in the things that make up our world and how to apply biblical truth to our lives. God does not oppose intellectual study as long as we don’t forget He created it all and holds all things together. When I looked to buy this book, the number of books Eric Metaxas has authored overwhelmed me. He has also written children’s books to help them gain a good basis for living in the truth and to change this culture we live in for God’s glory. I ordered the book on http://www.ThriftBooks.com and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you should!

Our Pastor Sam Larkin is going to lead a study of the book of Romans. He has been studying this book and has lots to share. I’m looking forward to his introductory sermon this Sunday morning, then the actual study beginning next Sunday before church. What part of the Bible are you currently studying? One person interviewed on Destiny Image by Two Christian Dudes podcast said the Lord kept them in the book of Psalms for a long season. I can see that would change any life; I wonder if the Spirit would help me do the same soon? I guess I should slow down on buying books if that’s the case? So many books; so little time!

I am so thankful for the provision of our Father God. We have enjoyed inviting people for dinner most weeks and having our son Chris spend this week with us as well as brother-in-law Wes coming to hunt for the weekend. It has been nice having our granddog Walter visiting with Chris. It was a bit of excitement when this Carin Terrier found a mouse in our kitchen two mornings ago! Walter has enjoyed me taking him for walks around our yard and shadowing me while I cut peppers and celery, which I found he likes. The men just finished muzzle loading season today and are beginning regular gun season tomorrow morning. We’ll see how much hunting they can do around the rain forecast. No matter what, God is always good! I leave you with these verses from Psalm 118m, reminding you to praise the Lord for His salvation, the marvelous things God has done, and to thank Him and rejoice in this day He has made.

Psalm 118:21 I will praise You,
For You have answered me,
And have become my salvation.

22 The stone which the builders rejected
Has become the chief cornerstone.
23 This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes.
24 This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

2 thoughts on “Let My People Think!

  1. I have leftovers a lot as cooking for 2 creates them. I like sharing them with my neighbors or putting them in the freezer if I have room.

    I’m currently focusing on Ephesians again but will be doing Proverbs next.


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