Moving on!

Shana Tova! The day of atonement and the feast of trumpets on the Jewish calendar are happening this week. Time to enjoy apples dipped in honey again! Thanks for being patient with me not positing regularly dear readers. This is a busy summer coming to an end and I’ll get you up to date.

Currently, I am holding down the fort at my son Chris’ home in Vermont, spending time with his wife and my two granddaughters while he hunts moose in Canada with John (my husband). So far, their very sick dog Walter had to be put to sleep, which is very hard with the family not together, Sunday we went to try a new church together. We’ve also celebrated three family birthdays in two days and had a good outing for Nataleigh’s 12th birthday with her aunt and youngest cousin, having lunch at Olive Garden and hunting for bargains at Good Will and the Habitat for Humanity resale store. A great trip for my granddaughter who is growing quickly into a woman. After a day home from school to mourn the death of the ‘puppy’ and another with tummy aches, the girls got back to school this morning, Natty finally gets to take her cupcakes to school and make up her I-ready tests. THe men are working to relax now they have their moose tags full, waiting to hear from the two that flew deeper in to hunt and hoping to make it home amid the hurricane threats.

This quiet day in Vermont without the girls, I finally sit to write while my laundry is going and Jenn and Rainey, the girl pup, rest. I am on Day 25 titled Same Job, Same Results in Walking in the Miraculous by Chad Gonzales, concentrating on:

John 14:12 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”


Acts 10:38 God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

Jesus died so we could be God’s representatives of His kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven. Chad says, “You could pray for God to touch [your neighbor’s] life or you could stand up in your authority as a believer [in Jesus] and touch them for yourself!”

Join me in stepping out in faith and in the power and boldness of Holy Spirit and experience signs, wonders, healings and miracles following us as they did Jesus and the first Disciples!

Moving on… my publisher now has my manuscript and my check for the publishing. Have I shared my money blessing story here? Just in case, I’ll share my testimony sparked by my friend Cindy’s testimony.

Hey Cindy, Thanks for sharing! Keep praying/singing in tongues. It gives the devil a headache because he tries to understand the God mysteries we’re praying, but tongues is a language our enemy cannot interpret or understand. I prayed with someone on a YouTube video last winter. She said to ask God for a certain amount of money and then pull it down from heaven. $3,000.00 came to mind and I didn’t know why-what it was for- or how God would give it to me, but I pulled it down from heaven.

Glory! I got a book to edit for a local Vietnam vet, my publisher I work for told me to write a check for $35.00 each month whether I do any comp mailings for her or not. I got asked to help at my neighbor’s motel again and she’s paying me $17.00/hour instead of last year’s 12. John has been paying for most of my gasoline, and the Lord gave me another person that wants me to help clean her house and visit. 

By June I had over $3,000.00 in my savings and sent my manuscript to Sabrina Adams at Zoe Life Communications. I asked how much to publish? $3,000.00! I just mailed the check to her last week, [July] and I still have over $1,000.00 in my savings, which should be enough to pay for the rest of the incidentals.

We will always proclaim the faithfulness of our Father God who is always with us and always shows us the way we should go- just in His perfect timing!

Shalom my dear sister Cindy, Heidi 

Now I have the timeline for publishing and will share the cover with you and some excerpts as we go. We will do a virtual launch between December 21 and 22. I will keep you posted on this site when dates are finalized and give you a link to join us!

Another amazing display of God’s glory as the sun sets in Henderson, New York

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